Powered Pallet Truck (PPT) Training


The Powered Pallet Truck (PPT) is the basic warehouse workhorse; they handle goods at ground level, assembling orders, marshalling pallets, loading and unloading vehicles and a host of other important tasks. They are a service vehicle to the Reach Trucks (R/T), Counterbalanced Fork Lift Truck (C/B) and Very narrow Aisle machines (VNA) in other parts of the warehouse, this is an important function because these other machines are more specialized and often dedicated to one task or part of the warehouse.

Typically they work in aisles (sometimes just 2.5 metres) with or without platforms, they can handle two or
three pallets at one time for high volume movement of goods, often called double or triple pallet handlers.
Correct training is vital for these seemingly simple and yet effective operations for it is well documented
that there are higher risks with lower limb injuries. These vehicles play an important part in providing low
cost pallet movement. As with all mechanical handling aids, PPT operators must be trained, tested and carry a current certificate of competence.

Powered Pallet Truck (PPT)